The Ecostove

The rocket stove concept involves a small horizontal primary combustion chamber where sticks are fed to the fire. Exhaust then flows into a vertical secondary combustion chamber where gases mix and burn. It is simple in concept but effective in practice when compared to cooking over an open fire, both in terms of fuel conservation and far less smoke. The Ecostove was an attempt to commercialize the rocket idea in the form of a compact, light and inexpensive device for cooking. Unlike early versions of outdoor, unvented rockets, the version in development by Rogerio Miranda in Managua Nicaragua was intended to be chimney vented for indoor use. I have now lost track of Rogerio and the Ecostove initiative, but I still think it is a good idea.

Some early variations:

The current model in production as of early 2001 is shown below. The fins are intended to increase heat transfer and stiffen the plancha plate.  The cross braces are to counteract twisting and warping of the plancha.